Kevin Van Maanen was born in 1964 in the small Dutch community of
Corsica, South Dakota, USA, as the second of eight children.

He showed a clear interest in drawing while still young, and spent many hours
sketching.  Because of the large family, he started working at an early age,
and has spent most of his life as a self-employed
professional in the construction industry.

Throughout the years, he continued to study
and experiment through art classes and the
vast amount of information via the Internet.
His greatest inspirations have been the Dutch
and Flemish Masters, as well as the 20th
Century illustrators.

Kevin paints in oils.  Most of his work is done from imagination, so he paints
the pictures the way he see them in his mind.  He does, however, use the same
limited palette of 7 colors for every painting.

He enjoys "fooling the eye" with
chiaroscuro and trompe l'oeil techniques.

After living, studying, and exhibiting in Luxembourg for nearly 2 years, he
and his family currently reside in
Farmington, New Mexico.  He is married to
Liilia, who was born in Estonia, and has a 2
1 year old son, Devin, a 17 year old
daughter, Lily, and an
4 year old daughter, Saskia Rose.
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